About BME
Thimphu : BHUTAN Chazamtog, Thimphu City
Mon - Fri : 9am to 5pm Closed on Saturday & Sunday

Our organization is specialized in fields of Bhutanese architecture, horticulture, carpentry, Bhutanese handicrafts and other managerial functions.

Bureau Multinational Expositions includes a team of dynamic vibrant young people who initiate, successfully conduct and execute exhibitions on a global platform. Our team includes hardworking, passionate and determined people. 
Our organization consists of the President, General Secretary, Pavilion Director, Executive Board members and five people of different field expertise.
Our team are of experts from the managerial, marketing, architecture, engineering and public relations back ground.

We provide efficient and effective services and experiences both face to face and online to our customers all over the world. We plan, market, initiate, 
collaborate and gather people for events, educative discussions and Expos. Our event plans are strategic, stainable, far-sighted and based on thematic messages and evocations.

We maintain professional relationships as well valuable personal relationships in a very healthy environment. We represent Bhutan annually in numerous Expos on international fronts and show our unique culture, horticulture, handicrafts, art and identities.
Our organization is based in Bhutan, but we work and collaborate all over the world with different organizations.